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Haha that was tiggity-tight

First off, LOST is my all-time favorite show

and I'm REALLY aggravated by this 'intermission' that they pulled...

This was a stunning video, soundwise and graphicswise.

To Generation-O: He wasn't making fun of LOST, and the song fit perfectly because if you watch LOST, the song actually parallelled some of the events which have occurred and matched the characters who sang the line. For example: Leonard Sims, talking about how he's crazy and Charlie talking about being stoned.

I tip my hat to you sir.

CapnBob responds:

Thanks! The hiatus is annoying, but I understand why they did it. It's a compromise with the network, necessitated by the lengthy shooting schedule and production times for each episode. Last season, they had a seemingly-random schedule that mixed new episodes with repeats and nobody knew when a new episode would show, so now we have this one huge painful wait followed by the uninterrupted bliss of 16 weeks of new episodes.


I am utterly offended.

I am Jewish and Autistic. And I am furthermore a snail.

Nevermind, I'm not really any of those.

Kickass video DOOD!

ZekeySpaceyLizard responds:

<Valjean> >_>
* ZekeySLizard slaps Valjean around a bit with a large trout
<Valjean> :<


when you submit, please refrain from adding to the increasing amount of crap flooding the portal. Make sure your work is mediocre at least.

Spy responds:

nah... mush easier to send this shit in, It's doing just as good as my others because of the kitty kunts

that was amazing...

how many fps was that?

Keep up the amazing work!

ineedhalp responds:

30 FPS, and thanks.

It wasn't half bad

Pretty good, though it's the 'fetal position' not 'fiddle position'


unless thats what you were going for...

DrClay responds:

actually i was planning to make them go into a small conversation like
man in red: err you mean fetal position
man green: what
man red: its fetal position not fiddle
man green: oh yeah i know that
red: so why did you say fiddle if you knew it was fetal?
man green: shut up

but i decided not to
and then forgot the spelling error

Already been done

I've seen one just like this except the other one was done better

and in the other one the pokeball captured pikachu's body instead of its head

real original.

Binyom responds:

Yea, I know. I found that half way through making this one an i was like damn. But I decided to continue anyways.
It IS original thankyou. It uses a different art style (based around a gameboy game) and has other things that makes it fresh too (like the pokedex) so lighten up!

love your style

everything was great, but your style is what really stood out

Steven-M responds:

"Style"? Graphical, aural, interacativical? Ah, well. Thanks for watching the movie!


way emo (in other words, i didnt like the song)

and i didn't like all the details put into the shoes
it makes it seem like the shoes were the point of focus

but other than those two things, good job

Haroshi responds:

Um... The song wasn't emo just CKY :D

and I see what you mean about the shoes, I think it might of been because I used a black outline.

Anyway thanks for making a detailed review,
shame you marked it down for your dislike of the music though : (


loved every second of that

very nicely done

reminded me of your TESSONAS stuff lol

but thats a good thing

FleckoGold responds:

Well of course its a good thing...its TESSONAS...we rule all that is good. :P

simple but brilliant

this cartoon reminded me to put things in perspective

sure life can get pretty bad but at least you're still alive

loved every second of it

keep up the good work

Peda responds:

very good, thank you very much


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