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Good job

I hated it when people said that my movie was like salad fingers so I'm not going to say it to you, that was simply brilliant, 5/5. Good job, I can't wait to see the sequel...

BryanJones responds:

Cheers. I just what your saying. Trying to be new and original when there is so much competion out there. Next time I'll put alot more thought into the story, but no doubt someone somewhere will say I copied them. Oh well


My only complaint is that I wish that you dissed more people, for some reason whenever I see that in a flash video i can't help but laugh and usually end up giving it a five...oh yeah, this one gets a five too even though there wasn't enough pwning going on...


This one wasn't as good as your Megaman vs. Geminiman but that makes sense. I laughed at a few parts like the fact that snakeman was drinking wine or whatever right before megaman enter the arena. It makes me wonder, what do the villians in video games do while theyre waiting to fight the protagonist...i guess drinking wine...lol and the flashback was funny i thought because you used sprites. I have to say that this was an awesome flash too, so keep up the awesome work.


That movie was awesome, screw anyone who doesn't agree...some of those drawings could use a little polishing up, but other than that, I thought it was great. I really liked when the action stopped to tell what weapon was being used, even though im sure all Megaman fans, (like me) already knew them from playing the classic games. Keep up the awesome work...

Good Job

I loved it, i thought that it was perfect...but it wasn't a game! You have it so it's a "game" you might want to change that...Other than that, keep up the good work!

juako04 responds:

sorry about that

Just a little bit more work

all you need to do to make this (or future episodes) better. Is just to make it more stylized, i liked what you did with the sprites, but in the future, you should add more and maybe dramatize it a little more. The only other thing is that Shadow is awesome and you might want to work on a second ending where Shadow wins for the viewers who don't like the ending where zero wins.

Nice Job

I liked the whole thing, the different angles, the plot, and it was all done so well...great job


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