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Comments (26)

happy vday tyler durden i hope you find a nice lady to get snuggly with if you dont have one already

oh yes I'm with her right now

Valentine's Day is gay.

If your valentine is a homosexual male then i guess you would be correct!!!

do you put any of your stuff on last.fm?

yep http://www.last.fm/music/KID+EXP

Will we ever get to see some of the animations featured on the Demo Reel?
ALSO, whats up with you not having any of your other animations showcased on there? Like your latest Pico animation and stuff?

Yeah I suppose that I'll submit some of them eventually!

I put a bunch of those on my last demo reel I guess I should include some of those on my newer one as well

Have V-day dear <3
Good music. Not really straight up my street, but I hear improvement!

And what's up with making reels so frequently?


I'm going to update my demo reel about twice a year to keep my freshest content up.

kingly badass, tyler

nice bro

<3 you too. Nice reel, I wish I went to animation scholl as well. :)

Yeah I wanna see those Pranky Crew toons and the one with yella.

Good song for fistpumping

OMG a human heart !

loving it dude its great

that was a trippy vid man!

That's REELy nice, Nogfish ol' buddy, the pencil stuff looked damn polished - very Ren and Stimpy. Hope you're well matey boy!

thanks ole buddy ole pal

thats some fine ass 3d work goin on thar buddy


Vial#1 is pretty epic.

last christmas I gave you my heart, the very next day you gave it away.
This year, to save me from tears, I'll be dead.

ooh baby

that's awesome Tyler!! the guy with laser eyes or watever was wrong with his eyes was done really well. I always animate everysingle frame but you don't seem to do that so I think I'll experiment a bit :D


Wonderful animating as always Tyler- the stuff in this reel is so damn attractive. Definately preferred it to your last one, though if I had to be picky I'd say have more actions and less dialogue. Because the action sequences blend with music better than just lips moving, they help me feel like I'm in a wonderful swirling pool of Nogfish and leaves me wanting more. Also, that mosquito in your old one was the sex.
But all in all, great job. I'd hire you any day.


maybe you should animate every single frame :/


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