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Comments (18)

god i haven't done anything on the RWD thing ]:

lol you should email it to me, I still haven't received the file lol

art in the playground, ye fiend

lol what I have no clue what you're talking about ;) also I must meet you in the real lifes

I called Luis whilst he was out drinking I believe. He then put the phone onto Tom which went a bit like this... "tell everyone and everything to get fucked and fuck them then make a flash movie about it".

Boy was he a bit giddy from the drinks.

Haha sounds awesome. Now I have Luis' phone number so he'll be getting


Yeah I really need to reach 21 so I can roll with them from bar to bar or whatever haha

I woke up today thinking, "I wonder when Big Apple Con is." I came to Newgrounds and found out that Big Apple Con is ending today. I think after that, said, "Crap."

I'd better go to the Comic Con >:(

Lol yeah, I can't make it this year, as I shall be working for my college at that time... kinda sucks but I am glad I got to meet them.

You bastard you came and left before I met you. Only thing I seen of you was the drawing you made on the poster.

LMAO no I didn't, I talked to you, you just didn't recognize. I was the dude in the red hoodie.

Dude they had Battle Royale? I didn't see it. I got a BUNCH of other cool comics tho.

lol well I got the DVD of Battle Royale, I probably should have specified that.

cool, i went today and it was cool to see them in person.i whish i had a camera though.

Yeah me too. What sucks even more is that I ordered one beforehand for that exact reason and UPS tells me that I'll be getting it on monday...

Awesome RWD rocks i hope those new projects come soon :P

Oh yes

So what did they say about Art in the Playground? I loved that flash, and it would be interesting to hear their take on it.

Well I only talked with Luis about it, We agreed that it was a genius movie, and one of those "I wish I thought of that" moments.


lol fo realz where'd you end up disappearing to?

Yo, Ty-Ty. We most certainly do need to hook up and get shitfaced and prank call Luis.

You should just come up here to good old Canada though, where you'll legally be able to drink anyway.

It's a date then.

i left and hung out with the milburns for a while. :]

cool beans

I really wanted Luis to get a video of me jumping you and just dry-humping the fuck out of you. You could have at least played along a little bit. Fuck, I shouted "Oh Noes, Rape Missiles!" before I pounced on you :3

I also grabbed the Sick Animation CD after listening to it with the Super Milburn Bros. last night. You're such a fuck, you shoulda hung out with The Milburns, DS and I. It was fucking chill, but no, you wanted to leave. Assclown, you're worse than mynamewontfitin.

Oh, and for the entire weekend, I had the book of Battle Royale in my backpack. Much better than the movie. I'd have let you read some if I had known you knew it fucking existed.

Other than that, you weren't really missed today.

I feel like a fuck for not realizing that Tom and April had already been to Jamaica and weren't going after that con though.

Well wowie I love you too

well it's good to know that I wasn't missed.

you should to come to San Diego, I didn't get to talk to you at all.

Yeah I really should've chilled with you guys longer


I just wanted some more alone time with you.

Well then we shall just have to get together again sometime then.

lol I really wanna go to San Diego Con :(

Where are you going to college next year btw?

I wanna go to but I know that I'm working when it's happening and I can't get off now and that I won't have the money for even the plane ticket. I'll get the some time, mark my words.

And this fall I'm going to be going to Millersville. It's a nice PA state school and I'm going for Technology Education, so I'll be able to corrupt youth AND draw penises in Flash. It's one of their better programs too.

It's a win-win situation.

Are you making anything for Kitty Day this year? Also plz drop by them forums, when you got a second. Thx

i am consider an enemy of the KK becuase i blame everything but you KK flashes are good i see no ery low scores tell me are you KK? i wont blame them unless there in the 1s or less then 2.50